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A healthcare insurance initiative


Agents of color helping communities of color.

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Are you a health insurance agent or looking to be one?

Why we're doing this

Our Communities Need Us

Our communities of color continue to be underserved. The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for better healthcare in Black and Hispanic communities. And overall, Medicare benefits recipients aren't always aware of the health services and benefits that are available to them.

DIVERSITY and COLOR is an initiative that aims to help Medicare recipients in communities of color by helping them understand the healthcare services that are available to them. DIVERSITY and COLOR also helps groom entrepreneurs of color into becoming licensed Medicare insurance agents by giving them the tools to work in their underserved communities while growing an ethically responsible and financially rewarding career. (see our FAQs)

DIVERSITY and COLOR is an initative created by Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán (Chief Executive Officer of PlanSeek a Medicare Insurance Solutions Company. It is operated and funded by Dr. Durán.

Communities We Currently Serve:


  • Fresno County

  • Kern County

  • Kings County

  • Madera County

  • Sacramento County

  • San Joaquin County

  • Stanislaus County

  • Tulare County

Coming Soon To:


  • Dade County

New York​

  • Bronx

  • Queens

What Communities

How You Can Help As A

Licensed Health Insurance Agent

We are looking to groom people from various cultural backgrounds, and/or who speak various languages. We want to help you become licensed health insurance agents so that can you can help Medicare recipients in ethnic communities throughout the U.S. At the same time, we want to help you create a profitable and ethical business as a Medicare health plan insurance agent. But if you're already a licensed agent we want to hear from you too! 

There is no fee to working with the DIVERSITY and COLOR program. And, if you qualify, we may be able to provide you with funds to cover some of your start-up costs. (see our FAQs)

Our Grant & Pay-It-Forward Program

Some participants may qualify for our Grant & Pay-It-Forward Program. Eligible candidates may qualify to have the costs of their licensing process paid for in part or in whole. This can include costs for classes (pre-licensing), State licensing tests, AHIP Exams, etc. If you are a recipient of a grant towards your licensing costs, we ask that once you are earning enough from your work as a licensed health insurance agent, and you see the value we have helped you build, you consider helping sponsor other potential candidates through our Pay-It-Forward program. This is not obligatory but it is fulfilling. (see our FAQs)

Contact us if you would like to participate as a new health insurance agent or if you have questions about our Pay-It-Forward Program. 

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