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  • Is Diversity and Color a non-profit organization?
    Diversity and Color is an initiative funded privately for the purpose of bringing change and opportunity in underserved communities. We align ourselves with current Medicare insurance agents and train new ones. We help agents better understand the healthcare needs of Medicare recipients in underserved communities.
  • How do I benefit as a licensed Medicare insurance agent?
    Our initiative is creating access in some underserved communities throughout the country. If you're an exisiting agent, we can help you increase your business by elevating your exposure with entities that are working with us in reaching Medicare recipients. For example, while you alone might not be able to work with XYZ Health Group, through Diversity and Color we help you open those doors. If you want to become an agent, we can help guide you and in some cases help you with some of the costs associated with obtaining your license.
  • What Is Your Pay-It-Forward Program?
    If you are a recipient of a grant towards the costs of becoming a licensed agent (classes, State tests, AHIP tests, fingerprints, etc.) you may start working with us and find you are earning a nice income. At that time you can consider helping sponsor candidates just like you by helping pay for some of their costs towards becoming a licensed agent. This isn't something you have to do, but it is a nice thing to do.
  • How much will this cost me?
    Diversity and Color does not charge you any fees.
  • What Expenses Do You Cover As Grants?
    If you qualify as a recipient of our Diversity and Color Program, we may help you pay for all your pre-licensing (classes), State tests, AHIP tests, fingerprint SCAN, etc.
  • Can I Work Part Time or From Home?
    What we've learned from the pandemic is that agents can work from home now that CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has allowed more technology adoption into the enrollment process. Regarding part-time, it's really up to you. It can be a flexible way to get started. We'd be happy to help you determine what can work best for you.
  • Will I Receive Training and Support?
    Absolutely! We will train you and support your efforts. We have over 20 years of experience in healthcare insurance. We'd be happy to share our experience wether you're a new or an experienced agent.
  • How Much Can I Make?
    This really depends on you and your goals. We have agents who earn six figures and other who are comfortable with less. If you have big goals, the sky is the limit!
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